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Every day millions of users log into a Q2 online banking instance from their computer or mobile device. These end users expect to be able to access all of their financial institution’s products and services through the digital channel. Q2 has the industry’s best digital banking platform. No other digital banking provider is able to provide a single platform for consumer, small business and commercial account holders. The features, capabilities and workflows of the Q2 digital banking platform are highly tuned and optimized out of the box.

Caliper SDK Program

Q2's digital banking platform is able to further distance itself from the competition with it's advanced extensibility system. Many "SDK"s in the industry are nothing more than autogenerated code wrappers of a web service API. Something like Swagger Codegen is clever, but not an SDK by most people's definition. Using an auto-generated library like this would require you to build a fully production ready web application that will then make API calls to the online banking system. This is a very large ongoing operational, security, and compliance commitment. The Q2 Caliper SDK removes all of those dependencies and allows a developer to focus on the fun part; delivering the business value.

The Q2 Caliper SDK includes everything a financial institution needs to start building. From on-boarding, training, sandbox development environment, documentation, example extensions, hosted code repository, UI components, python and javascript libraries, log access, continuous deployment to test environments, data center hosting, monitoring, and analytics. All of these pieces combine to create an end to end development experience where you can focus on building the new business logic your financial institution needs.

An extension built using the Caliper SDK requires no additional operational or infrastructure cost to unlock the value. Once the extension is complete in the sandbox development environment, the code is checked into the provided code repository and Q2 takes it from there. Since we use the Caliper SDK ourselves to build features and products, you benefit from the same level of automation and monitoring as Q2 built extensions. Q2 has over 1,000 extensions running in product right now.

Sometimes you do want APIs for an outside system to interact with your online banking instance. Q2 has APIs that cover that as well, that is the Caliper API. The Caliper API is a free product that comes with the Q2 digital banking platform.

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