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Fintechs and other technology providers are under more pressure than ever to increase customer acquisition and decrease time to revenue. Though, the options available to integrate into financial institutions (FIs) are wrought with challenges and delays. The Q2 ecosystem opens up access to integrate with 450+ of Q2’s financial institution customers - offering scalable go-to-market programs that result in faster, more efficient sales and integration cycles.

Available Programs


Marketplace leverages the expansive and highly active digital banking channel to access over 18M end users, including 1.75M small to mid-size businesses, with one single integration through an app-store like experience. Once you integrate with the Q2 platform, financial institutions choose from the partner solutions and make them available to account holders in through the Marketplace that lives inside their digital banking channel. Account holders can then browse and purchase these solutions in an app store-like environment found within their digital banking platform.


Accelerator allows third-party technology providers to bypass the painful and long process of custom FI integrations by enabling one standard integration. The 3rd parties can then more efficiently sell and products to Q2’s network of bank and credit unions clients; dramatically increasing speed to market. With Accelerator, take advantage of quickly accessing the SDK and APIs through the click through license online; and drive cutting edge functionality and experiences.

Latest Partners

Using the Marketplace, we have seen sales cycles decrease by more than 70% compared to the traditional model.

Because we were able to leverage the Innovation Studio, the speed to market was transformational. We started to talk in terms of weeks and months instead of years

Our customers are delighted with the speed of this implementation.

About Q2

Q2 is a financial experience company headquartered in Austin, Texas. As a key partner to financial institutions, fintech’s and other financial services providers, we empower them to be ever-present companions on their customer’s financial journeys – helping them unlock new opportunities, increase efficiency, and grow their businesses in innovative ways. Our commitment to the digital transformation of banking through smart solutions, selective acquisitions, and partnerships with innovative technology leaders helps our businesses thrive.

How we integrate partners.

Q2’s digital banking platform is not only the industry’s best, but also the most open. Thanks to the Caliper SDK, a Q2 customer can easily and seamlessly add new features, functions, and capabilities to their digital banking platform. No other digital banking provider has the tools and experience to enable financial institutions to rapidly build and deploy new fintech partnerships like Q2 does. An integration built using the Caliper SDK can easily be added to any of Q2’s 450+ financial institutions online and mobile banking. Q2’s digital banking platform has a unique set of capabilities that allows a fintech to monetize its product offering inside the digital banking channel. The digital banking channel will help you reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your total attainable market. Click here to Sign Up and let’s get building!

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