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SDK Certified Partners

We have worked closely with some of the best software development companies to help you with your projects when you don't have the capacity to do it in-house.

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What are SDK Certified Partners?

Extending the capabilities and functionality of the Q2 online banking platform has always involved working with our dedicated professional services team. While we remain committed to supporting and developing this world-class team, we are introducing new options for creating customized experiences easier and faster, leveraging the power of the Q2 Caliper SDK.

We are proud to announce the Q2 Certified Partner program, which provides your financial institution with an expert team capable of creating unique online banking experiences catered precisely to your account holders. Working with a certified partner, you gain a team of experienced Q2 Caliper SDK developers ready to realize your business goals and serve your users.

Why find a Certified Partner?

Whether your financial institution has its own team of developers or not, your organization can still benefit from the Q2 Caliper SDK. Utilizing one of our many SDK Certified Partners equips you with a development team capable of creating diverse, powerful extensions and providing updates and maintenance after launch.

How it works:

You connect with one of our SDK Certified Partners above to discuss your business challenge. Your certified partner will work directly with you on a solution, timeline and budget. The certified partner will be able to utilize their SDK license, you will not need to purchase your own.

Once your project is complete, your certified partner can deploy their work to your test environment (if applicable) for your review. You can follow along by accessing your sandbox during the development process as well. If you have questions about your project, SDK Certified Partners are familiar with the Q2 platform, and can assist with most questions. And your certified partner has access to our Q2 partner support team, which works alongside authors of the Caliper SDK and can help tackle your toughest challenges.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Partner, please feel free to contact us.