Allied Payment Network believes that “moving money matters.” Its mission is to provide banks and credit unions with world-class payments tools that help establish them as the heart of the communities they serve. With a real-time, open-network model guiding its Universal Payments vision, its suite of online and mobile solutions includes online billpay, P2P, PicturePay®, BizPay, PortalPay, A2A, and Vault. For more information, visit

Features & Benefits

Better Together: Real-Time features throughout your payment platform

Allied’s Universal Payments vision offers your institution a 360-degree payment hub for your account-holders. YOU pick and choose the modules that make sense for your market and your user base. Allied’s ability to seamlessly integrate these modules into your digital banking front-end means giving your users the money movement choices they deserve – enabling them to send and receive on their terms, through YOUR trusted digital channel.

Take payments beyond bill pay with FlexPay

A refreshingly easy conversion and integration enables you to get a robust money movement offering up and running quickly, FlexPay comes bundled with eBills and PicturePay, with the option to do more with additional modules and add-ons.

Engage with users MORE through FlexPay Add-Ons

Consumers aren’t just looking to pay bills; they want to pay people they know, or owe, as well. With P2P, A2A and Vault capabilities, the FlexPay solution is even better aligned with what consumers want from you. These modules can also be purchased individually.

Build out your money movement hub with additional modules

BizPay, created for small-business payments, and PortalPay, a loan payment solution, are available as standalone modules. These are excellent ways to fully round out your money movement offering.