Embedded Credit & Identity Tools

Become the go-to financial institution via embedded, personalized credit and ID tools. Drive digital engagement, support financial progress and enhance marketing efforts with customer credit insights.
Array makes it easy for you to embed the credit management tools your consumers want inside of your digital banking environment. Position your organization as your consumers' primary financial institution through more engaging experiences, premium offerings that drive revenue, and market proven products that drive deeper consumer connections.

Features & Benefits


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Expand Revenue Possibilities

Boost engagement and optimize your sales funnel by leveraging consumer credit attributes to better understand your customers, to present the right offers at the right time.

Create Customized Digital Experiences

Customize Array’s front-end components to match your brand aesthetic with fully integrated analytics and engagement tracking.

Bypass Compliance Scope

Array handles all the heavy lifting with the bureaus by tokenizing data so you stay out of compliance scope.

Support Financial Progress

Array’s credit monitoring tools enable your consumers to better manage their financial progress. Consumers can simulate the credit impact of getting a new loan, understand the factors that impact their credit scores, and invest in their credit literacy to unlock their financial future.