Ascendant Global Payments

Ascendant Global Payments

Accelerator Payments
Ascendant partners with FI’s to provide cross border services to your clients. Without them, FI's risk losing their clients to their competitors. Ascendant helps you build fences around your clients. Services include: 1. International USD/Foreign currency wires, including payment tracking 2. Global ACH & Global Real Time 3. Foreign Check clearing, including Canadian check image clearing 4. Virtual Account to receive international wires 5. Foreign cash for your travelling clients

Features & Benefits

Payment Tracking

With SWIFT GPI tracking you now have full transparency into your international payment status. This includes:

  1. tracking to show you the date the payment was credited to the final account
  2. fees deducted along the way
  3. amount and currency credited to the final account

Payee Intelligence

Payee intelligence prompts the user for the country specific information needed to send the payment. This eliminates delays in payments where additional information is needed.