Atomic enables banks, credit unions, and fintechs to integrate wealth management and trading into their products in a frictionless way. By outsourcing to Atomic, you can reduce your launch time to just a few weeks, and significantly reduce costs. We offer fully customizable front-end experiences that can be tailored to your design system.

Features & Benefits

Your own stock index

Passive index investing is a proven strategy – but ETFs and mutual funds have drawbacks. By using individual stocks and fractional shares, we unlock enhanced customization, plus lower fees and taxes.

Advanced tax reduction

We’ll strategically offset capital gains, choose tax-efficient securities, and utilize the right account types so you pay less to the IRS and keep more of what you earn.

No "one size fits all"

Our investment strategies are multi-asset class, globally diversified, and personalized to you. We’ll optimize based on your goals, projected savings, tax status, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Socially conscious investing

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) filters let you align your values with your investments. Easily tilt your portfolio towards the companies doing the most good, and exclude those you want to avoid.

Automated savings

Set a recurring contribution to systematically add money over time. Some of the most successful investors use this technique to avoid emotional decisions and the poor timing that results from them.

A secure retirement

Traditional and Roth IRA options allow you to take full advantage of tax-deferred and tax-free growth opportunities. We’ll even help you decide how much to save in each to maximize your chance of success.