We negotiate lower customer bills.

Save your customers hundred$ on services bills.
Integrating Bill Negotiation into your native UX levels the playing field. With minimal data Billshark will negotiate lower monthly rates for your customers without changing their service. They’ll be thankful you did.

Features & Benefits

Bank-level security and encryption

Customer data is protected by 256-bit encryption keeping your personal information at bank-level security.

We never sell customer data. All of our systems are fully encrypted and protected by industry-leading technology that keeps your data safe.

Easy marketplace Implementation

Expose the Billshark widget to your customers with the click of a button with the Q2 marketplace. Customers input negotiation requests directly into the widget and Billshark takes it from there. Billshark communicates with the customers and you earn a revenue share.

Grow customer engagement and delight

With Billshark, your customers will see you as an advocate saving them money every month! Bill Reduction services will drive greater engagement (time within and frequency to your ecosystem) and delight (NPS).

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