Proactive Fraud Detection and Prevention

Continuous fraud monitoring with real-time alerts and intervention to identify threats from the network, online banking platform, and core to proactively stop cyber fraud before funds leave the FI.
GRID Active Fraud Detection provides a proactive approach to stop fraud before funds leave the FI by detecting anomalies during login, account updates and transaction events. It correlates information from the online banking platform, core, and network with real-time alerts and intervention. By connecting fraud and information security teams, we provide a Fraud Intelligence platform to proactively stop fraud related to scams, account takeover, and online account opening.

Features & Benefits

Proactive Fraud Detection with Consolidated Evidence Collection

Correlation of non-monetary and monetary activities to detect fraud before it happens to save FI time, resources, brand reputation

Real-time alerts so FIs can block suspicious activity, execute step-up authentication, and route anomalies to analysts for further investigation to ensure threats are seen early.

Multi-Channel Fraud Protection with At-A-Glance Visualization of Fraud Threats

Ability to monitor, detect, and alert on suspicious activity across all departments – including Originations, Online and Mobile banking, and Internal Fraud – for an integrated approach to managing risk across the organization.

Proactively defend against fraud attempts across channels including:

  • Fraudulent account opening/loan applications by detecting multiple submissions from the same IP address/phone/email.
  • Account takeover attempts through recognition of multiple concurrent account logins from different locations.
  • Insider Threats can be monitored to detect if employee actions fall outside of their role or FI policy.

Comprehensive Threat Visibility through Integration with cybersecurity and risk processes

Correlating cybersecurity data on the network with online banking events, banking core activity, dark web intelligence, and a consortium of threat sources for one consolidated view of threats.

Bridge the gap between Info Sec and Fraud teams for a more cohesive approach to preventing fraud and managing risk.

On the fly rule creation and deployment that enables your fraud and a cybersecurity team to respond to an emerging attack in real-time.