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Directly in your digital banking channel
Grow your share of wallet and increase engagement by providing the most personalized digital banking experience your customers have ever seen. Our technology offers customized education and personalized financial guidance for your customers daily – finally transforming your physical branch into a digital one!

Features & Benefits

Automated & Personalized Financial Guidance

Give your mobile banking application the ability to deliver daily automated and personalized financial guidance directly to your customers.

Predictive Product Recommendations

Instantly save customers money through cross-selling, upselling, and reselling by presenting products they prequalify for based on relationships outside of your FI.

Digitized Relationship Building

Instantly be able to service any need, solution, or service that your customers need in your mobile banking application without making them come into a branch or call the customer care center.

Financial Health Level

Help your customers gain an understanding of their financial health and automatically instruct them on how to improve it through an engaging and gamified leveling system.


Gamification is a gamechanger when it comes to enticing customers to engage in your mobile application. With one integration, your customers will have more reasons to share data with you, creating opportunities to serve them in ways you previously could not.

Financial Journeys

Every customer is on a unique and personal financial journey. Predict exactly what products and services your customers need and entice them to switch at exactly the right moment.