Flow Networks

Own the Payment Moment

Real-time cardholder engagement to drive EMOB, profitability, and retention
Flow can deliver $20-40 per active card/year through increased payment volume, more spend in more categories, increased card activation, and lower operational costs.

Features & Benefits

Why Flow?

For a Top-50 card issuer, Flow successfully increased transaction volume 26%, drove real-time engagement, and integrated seamlessly within 4 weeks.

What Do Flow Clients say?

"Member experience is at the core of everything we do and Flow enables us to connect with our members in new and exciting ways."

April Clobes, CEO of MSUFCU

What is the Business Case?

Payment card profitability is built on:

  • Providing New Revenue: Flow can drive +20% additional portfolio transaction volume
  • Higher Profitability: Flow engagements drive card usage into most profitable interchange categories
  • Cross-Sell Opportunities: Flow uses the payment to provide cross sell messaging
  • Active Cardholder Engagement: Flow captures the cardholder’s attention in real-time. This provides for brand relevance and assists in fraud reduction.

The revenue starts immediately.

How Does Flow Work?

Flow starts with a simple card payment transaction. The transaction triggers an in-app notification within moments of the payment. Inside the Q2 app, the cardholder engages in a unique experience selected by the issuer and delivered by Flow. What does this look like?

  • Your cardholder makes a food-truck lunch purchase.
  • Two seconds later, they get a 5-punch card with merchant offers from you.

Results: Cardholder is thrilled. Your portfolio is thriving.
Congratulations, you own the payment moment.