Digital Banking for Kids and Teens

Incent is a fully integrated digital banking solution for kids and teens. Within the solution is a built-in financial literacy tool for educating credit union youth members and customers.
Incent is a fully integrated digital banking solution for kids and teens. The solution provides hands on financial education, increases youth accounts and helps financial institutions compete with the growing number of fintech products like CashApp, Gohenry and Greenlight to keep and grow their deposits and relationships. Modules Include: Cash for chores, debit cards, parental loans, allowance, card controls and many more!

Features & Benefits

Paid for Grades - Reward education

Grade card feature allows parents to pay their children for making good grades in school.

Cash for Chores - Encourage hard work

Parents can pay their kids for completing chores and tasks around the house.

Card Controls - Parental monitoring

Parents can manage their child's card with daily spending limits and purchase notification.

Teach Budgeting - Invest in people

Educating youth how to live within their means. How to properly save, spend and invent their money.

Parental Loans - Financial understanding

Borrow money from mom and dad and teach children about loan terms, interest and the importance of repaying money.

Allowance - Grow deposits

Parents can assign an allowance to the child to get money flow into the account.

Workflows - Encourage adoption

Children can request money from their parents. Notifications are sent to the parent and back to the child to inform them of the requests and take them directly to where they need to go.

Increase Youth Engagement - Grow your deposits

Incent is a youth financial education tool that enables youth to begin using your financial institutions core services while eliminating risks and building lifelong members and customers.

Digital Banking for youth

Incent provides a competitive product to Greenlight and GoHenry which are stealing away your youth accounts and deposits!

Key Benefits Include:

  • Family Financial Education
  • Increase Youth Accounts and Deposits
  • Enable Youth To Use Your Core Services
  • Build Lifetime Loyalty
  • 100% White-labeled
  • Fully Integrated Into Exisiting Online Banking
  • Seamless Workflow Between Parent and Child
  • Stay Competitive With Emerging Fintech Solutions.