KAI Consumer Banking

KAI Consumer Banking provides digitally engaging experiences to users through a firm’s branded digital assistant. With deep financial expertise, KCB eliminates the need for costly ramp-up time and comes with everything firms need to customize, maintain, and grow their consumer banking digital assistant. Right out of the box, KCB includes skills focused on banking experiences like Account Information, Transaction Search, Balances & Payments, Credit Card Servicing, Financial Wellness, and more.

Features & Benefits

An intelligent platform for building a unified conversational AI experience

Kasisto’s digital experience platform, KAI, powers best-in-class, financially literate Intelligent Digital Banking Assistants that deliver significant value to financial institutions of all sizes.

50% reduction in call volume

Handle just about any customer request in a fraction of the time it takes the call center and free up your agents to focus only on high-priority issues.

90% of conversations managed without human intervention

KAI is able to guide your customers to the information and tools they want at the moment, while learning and anticipating their needs.

400% increase in digital engagement

Delight your customers in with a humanizing digital assistant that is proactive, personalized and sophisticated.