Larky nudge®

Larky helps financial institutions increase deposits, mitigate fraud, promote new banking solutions, and increase card activation through tailored push notification campaigns. With an engagement rate that's 7x better than traditional marketing methods, Larky helps you reach your audience in the right place and at the right time.

Features & Benefits

Increase Deposits

Struggling to meet your balance goals? Larky makes it easy meet your account holders where they are -- right on their mobile phone and ensure your top of mind for direct desposits and new CD promotions!

Mitigate Fraud

Unlike text messages or email, Larky's push notification’s are nearly impossible to spoof and ensure that your account holders can trust the information they see. Easily and immediately educate your account holders of suspicious messages when they happen and save your financial institution thousands.

Promote New Products

Struggle with the adoption of new services like Autobooks, Changed or Greenpath? Implement Larky first and ensure you achieve the results you need.

Increase Card Activation

The first 45 days are critical for your account holders to activate a new card. Use Larky to ensure that cards are activated and used immediately.

Branded Notifications

Larky's nudge® platform delivers push notification from your existing mobile banking app. Push notifications are more trusted than SMS since they are delivered through the mobile banking app itself; recipients know they are coming from a trustworthy source.

Proactive Engagement

Create push notification campaigns to drive engagement when account holders aren't engaged with the app itself. You can schedule your push notifications by time or by location to ensure the right message is delivered at the right moment.

Tailored nudges

All notifications delivered through the Larky nudge® platform can be segmented however you desire to ensure that your message is delivered to the optimal audience.

Comprehensive Support

Our team offers robust documentation, live assistance, a partner support portal and a Slack channel to ensure your success from the very beginning.

Secure Messaging

Keep your account holder's private information safe in your hands with the highest levels of security. We are SOC 2 audited to ensure you meet you compliance needs.

AI Driven

The Larky nudge® Score uses artificial intelligence to predict how a new push notification message might perform after it is sent making it easy to draft a new nudge and increase the effectiveness of your messages.