Helping FIs grow relationships in Business Banking

Monit provides FIs with alternative data to become trusted advisors with business clients to quickly identify product need, monitor risk, unlock wallet share, and increase engagement.
Monit empowers banks & credit unions to offer a suite of "Digital CFO" tools integrated within Q2's digital banking platform. In parallel, Monit’s banker portal brings insights and data intelligence derived from accounting data to your business banking portfolio to run targeted sales campaigns across various products (deposits, lending, merchant services, etc).

Features & Benefits

SMBs: Cashflow Forecasting

12 month cashflow forecast

SMBs: Customized Advice & Guidance

Tailored "CFO-like" insights to assist SMBs in financial management

SMBs: Industry Benchmarking

Business owners can benchmark their financial performance vs. peers in the same sector (NAICS Code), revenue band, and geography (Zip Code, County, City, State)

SMBs: Expense Optimization

Provide assistance with recurring expenses, fees, and receivables management.

SMBs: Financial Event Planning

Allow your SMBs to plan out future scenarios to guide decision making and visually show how certain events impact current cash on hand and the forecast.

SMBs: Business Valuation

Business Valuation, gives your clients a "Zillow-like" estimate of their business so they can better understand where they stand and better plan for the future. Business Bankers are able to better support their clients throughout their business lifecycle, including prioritizing support for key life moment like business exits and succession planning.

FIs: Next Best Action

Call our API for Next Best Action & Product insights to deepen relationships and get ahead of your SMB clients' needs.

FIs: Campaign Builder

Create, Filter, and Sort through alternative data sets to build your own sales & marketing lists.

FIs: Aggregate SMB Portfolio Dashboard

Provide your bankers with real time SMB portfolio analytics.