PayRecs Select

PayRecs Select offers international B2B payments through a more tailored experience for your financial institution through an annual subscription fee. Partnering with PayRecs allows you to deepen existing customer relationships and win new ones by offering a critical service your commercial customers require.

Features & Benefits

Reduce Operational Cost & Risk

Eliminate the manual process of sending an international payment for your customers and streamline back office staff to reduce your operational cost. Automated alerts and authorizations means it's easier to prevent fraud and increase the deliverability of your payments. Learn how PayRecs provides operational support for your bank.

Keep Your Customers

Reduce the frustration of your customers and be more competitive with big banks. A simpler, safer, automated interface brings powerful technology with an unparalleled experience that helps you retain current FX customers and attract new business from customers that are already using your competitors. Reduce the risk that your customers will move their entire relationship with our solution.

Deepen Existing Relationships

Win against the competition. Your customers shouldn't have to choose between a bank they love and a bank that can handle their international payment needs. Learn how PayRecs can help your sales team deepen existing relationships.

Generate More Revenue

PayRecs can help your bank generate revenue from transactions you previously weren't seeing. Learn why your Senior Management will love PayRecs.