We Make Your Customers' Money Go Further

Our withdrawal platform gives your account holders more purchasing power and more choices through an easy to use digital experience.
The Prizeout marketplace provides your account holders the opportunity to turn their checking funds into value-added digital gift cards for their favorite brands. The best part? We don’t charge you anything, we actually pay you.

Features & Benefits

A New Source of Revenue

We pay Financial Institution partners a revenue share for every withdrawal made through our platform, creating a unique stream of non-interest income.

Continuous Support

Prizeout provides in-house 24/7 support, with an overall average response time of less than thirty minutes.

Best-in-Class Security

As an ISO compliant company, we participate in internal and external audits. We never share or sell any customer data.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers love the choice our platform offers when it comes to budgeting or allotting their money towards certain purchases.