Mobile banking is personal

Pulsate delivers personalized offers to the right customer, at the right time, on a channel they can trust.
Pulsate is the leading provider of digital consumer engagement solutions for community financial institutions, helping them build lasting, profitable relationships in a mobile-first world. Their intuitive, easy-to-use platform lets FIs create personalized, targeted campaigns to drive product sales and activation, encourage financial wellness and more – delivered through a variety of channels embedded within the Q2 digital banking platform.

Features & Benefits

Powered by Financial Data

Turning financial data into actionable insights, and driving user actions. We make it easy to get financial data into Pulsate, and turn that data into valuable outcomes

Mobile Banking is Personal

Pulsate delivers personalized communications and offers to the right customer, at the right time, on the channel they trust.

Supercharged Engagement

Community Banks and Credit Unions love Pulsate because it is so effective compared with Email and SMS marketing channels. Pulsate campaigns typically outperform traditional Email and SMS campaigns by 20x times their conversion rate.

Easy to Use

The Pulsate Admin Console is both user-friendly and attractive, offering powerful segmentation and targeting capabilities.