Virtual StrongBox


A Unique Digital Vault Platform Specializing in the Collection, Protection and Exchange of Sensitive Information.

Virtual StrongBox

Accelerator FI Tools
Welcome to secure storage with a purpose! Our digital vault is changing how FIs get sensitive Pii from digital consumers and SMBs. The multi-user workspace is designed to securely collect, protect and exchange documents with customers and non-customers. When embedded in digital banking, it makes file sharing to and from your FI easy and frictionless, no matter how many files or their size. Consumers and SMBs can also use their digital vault to store their info with you, their trusted partner.

Features & Benefits

Exchange Folders and Files with Organization Groups.

Regardless of their size, documents and folders seamlessly move between the end-user's digital vault and the Organization's larger digital vault.

Exclusive "My Inbox" Document Delivery.

Save time and money by instantly adding documents to a consumer or business's digital vault. Best of all, the docs don't take up their space.

Advanced Search Engine.

Full-text indexing and tags allow for data organization and faster retrieval of files and folders.

Passwordless Upload Folders.

Eliminates cumbersome secure email registration processes, chunky document exchange and increases convenience for your digital consumers.

File Type Restrictions.

You control what document file types can be exchanged with your organization for extra protection.

Built-in Virus Checking.

We scan documents as they are loaded, flag potentially infected files and block them from sharing, exchanging and downloading processes.

Secure ShareLinks.

Our patented ShareLinks make sharing information and access with third parties fast and easy.

Security and Patents.

Fourteen patents and Total Information Privacy & Protection (TIPP) ensure that only the account owner can see info in their personal account.

Workflow Alternative to Box, DropBox and Sharefile.

Our digital vault security and Total Information Privacy and Protection checks all the boxes on FFIEC Risk Considerations in file exchange.