Wave2 Locator

Put your convenience on the map! The Wave2 Locator presents ALL of your branches, ATMs, ITMs, surcharge-free ATM networks, and shared branches in a compelling interactive solution right inside your Q2 Digital Banking, websites, mobile apps, and more! Easily deliver an outstanding user experience in all digital channels that is mobile responsive and ADA Accessible. Network ATM locations are updated automatically. Our Admin makes it easy to update, manage, & track everything.

Features & Benefits

All Your Locations, Together in One Outstanding User Experience

Show the latest location data for your own branches, ATMs, ITMs, offices, and more, along with all your surcharge-free network ATMs, retail placements, shared branches, and – aggregated together in one easy-to-use solution right inside your website, mobile apps & online banking.

Automated ATM Network Data Updates

The Wave2 data engine automatically maintains your network data behind the scenes so you know it is always up-to-date without any effort on your part.

Powerful Mapping Engine

We serve our own proprietary mapping engine, which means we control the contents and design styles our map tile images. That means you don't have to worry about scaling costs or advertising for your competitors inside your own trusted environment.

Fast and Intuitive Search

Easy-to-use search tools, including predictive autocomplete text searches, ‘find me’ GPS/geolocation searches, pan and drag automatic map searching, and comprehensive search filters all make it simple and quick to navigate your world.

Live Hours Data

Power up to 3 different features per location with our easy-to-read and understand hours displays and clear open/closed indicators - let your clients know when each location is available to them.

Location Alerts Features

Schedule highly visible, targeted, location-specific messaging to keep clients informed about closures, renovations, maintenance windows, outages, weather emergencies, and the like.

Mobile-First Responsive Design

Wave2 Locator automatically detects screen size, operating system, and other restrictions and adapts its UX to make best use of available space and features so that it looks and works great on every desktop and mobile device.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

As an optional feature, Wave2 can provide locators that are fully translated into Spanish, French, German, and other languages to integrate in your multilingual website, mobile apps, and digital banking environments.

Powerful APIs

Wave2 Locator includes extensive APIs which give your in-house or third-party development teams access to all the data and functionality that powers our locator behind the scenes. This is very useful for integrating with third-party software like chat support systems and custom UX functionality.

Custom Website Integrations

Wave2 Locator also includes a variety of direct page insertion scripts that allow you to embed branch and ATM location information, hours, and other details directly into your branch-specific pages so that those pages will be dynamically data driven and will be updated in realtime by your Wave2 Admin Portal updates.

That same system can insert simple miniature single-location maps into your pages, and it can even insert LocalBusiness Schema data into the content of your pages to assist with SEO and local business search engine listings.

WCAG 2.1 "AA" Level ADA Accessibility

The Wave2 Locator has been designed with ADA goals in mind from the very beginning, and with the help and guidance of our financial institution clients and third-party consultants we have recently acheived compliance the "AA" level WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines.

Powerful Admin Portal

In our powerful, yet easy-to-use Admin Portal, you can upload, edit, and geocode your own locations, bulk edit all of your locations at once with file-based updates, control your networks, search options, branding, and other configurations, and much more.

Tracking & Reporting - Data Visualization Tools

The Admin Portal also includes extensive tracking and reporting and data visualization tools, including our powerful Heat Mapping and Cluster Mapping features which can show you exactly where your card holders are trying to find you, in real-time. User behavioral data helps you make informed decisions about new branch and ATM placements, growth opportunities, targeted marketing hot spots, and more.

Wave2 Filters Out Competing Financials

Google Maps and other providers can actually be advertising for your competitors, including national banks and credit unions and local community financial institutions, right inside your own trusted environment! They often include clickable map pin markers that are just as prominent as your own location pins, and may even include an interactive info popup with driving directions and reviews. Wave2 controls all mapping content and styles so we never include competitors information in your mapping content.